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Monday Night
In House Div. @ Stateside Lounge
Wednesday Night
9 Ball (5 on 5) Single Foul
Friday Night
9 Ball (5 on 5) Single Foul
Tuesday Night
9 Ball (5 on 5) Single Foul
Nights Of Play
Lvppa Contact Numbers : Jim - 702.218.7539 / Carmella - 702.219.4226

Division Top Shooter / Fernando Ramos - Juke Joint
Runner Up / Keith Shipley - Noreens

Division Top Shooters Tournament wIll be Held at:
The Juke Joint / August 22nd  @ 7:00 pm

Kracker Box #4 – Team balance $323.00
Lake Mead #2 – Team Balance $231.0

If you want to participate in the post season these accounts need to
be addressed before the top shooter tournament.

Playoffs start August 29th.

Low Rider Playoff Bracket

Division Top Shooter / Beto Ramos - Mexican Pizza
Runner Up / Fernando Ramos - Mexican Pizza

Division Top Shooters Tournament results

1st place - Beto Ramos / Mexican Pizza
2nd place - Fernando Ramos / Mexican Pizza
3rd place - L.C. Rice / Stadium

Playoffs start August 26th.

Soft Tail Playoff Bracket
Sunday Night
In House Div. @ Stateside Lounge
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Division Top Shooter / Robert Bojorquez - Gpaw&DMexicans
Runner Up / Beto Ramos - Gpaw&DMexicans

Division Top Shooters Tournament Results:

1st place - N
ino Guzman / Lucies #4
2nd place - G
arace Froeschel / Just Us
3rd place -
Clarence Young / Just Us

Playoffs start August 27th.

Shovel Head Playoff Bracket
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Spring 2014 Season -  Post Season Information
Tuesday Night
Tuesday Night
Wednesday Night
Friday Night